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The Library of Rivendell

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The virtual Library of Rivendell, a place for book and lore lovers
Welcome to the (Virtual) Library of Rivendell!

This is a place to share our love about storytelling, books, libraries, and all crafts associated with these where they are related in any way to J.R.R. Tolkien's creation.
We welcome any kind of fanwork related to these subjects, recommendations to works and events elsewhere, discussions and small talk,

We welcome readers and participants of all ages and backgrounds. It's no requirement to have read any of Tolkien's books, although your participation should show that you're interested in the subject of this community in some way.

We expect you to be respectful of each other and each other's preferences and dislikes, won't tolerate flaming or shaming of any kind.

This community allows "slash" and adult rated material. We therefore require all contributions to give content information, and, where applicable, ratings, to allow readers to choose the content they want to read and see. As a reader, we expect you to be responsible about what you choose to read, and be careful about content information and rating if you want to avoid certain subjects.
If you see any content or contribution that is not correctly rated or lacks the necessary content information, please contact a staff member at ysilme69@gmail.com.

Posting and commenting rules:

  • Content Information: at least one of the following must be given: gen, het, slash, nonfiction, or author chooses not to give content info. You are welcome to add anything else you would like the reader to know.

  • All fanworks must have a title, author, summary, and a rating, and be placed under a cut.
    It is acceptable not to rate, but this must be stated clearly in the form of author chooses not to rate.
    For fanworks, it is also acceptable to not give content information if you do not want to; this must also be clearly stated in the form of author chooses not to give content info.
    Fanworks without ratings or content will be deleted.